Corporate Talks for Working Parents  

Having supported many working parents, feelings of guilt & stress play a huge part for these families as they spend so much of the day away from their children. The nature of this add-on support for parents is becoming more part of the wellness and wellbeing needs for the employee. As one of Irish Life Health’s expert providers for their corporate clients Aoife has learned that over 90% of Irish employees and employers agree that their health & wellbeing has a direct effect on productivity.

Corporate Talks for Working Parents Include:

  • Positive Parenting
  • Playful Connections
  • Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits for our Children
  • Sleeping & Bedtime Routines
  • Understanding & Managing our Children’s Behaviours
  • Supporting Parents and Teenagers during the Exams Years
  • Building Positive Relationships with our Teenagers
  • Screentime, Smartphones and Social Media
  • Being a New Parent – What to Expect

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    Creating a regular support system for working parents in their place of work empowers them that they can manage both their working and home life. Providing this support and understanding and knowing it is available if and when needed not only assures new parents returning after maternity leave but any existing parents with a number of children too.


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