Blog: RTE Post - 3 Tips to help parents with tricky teeth brushing



Aoife Lee shares her top tips for teeth brushing with the kiddies on The LifeStyle Show with Taragh Loughrey-Grant.

We’ve all been there and more often than not if we know there’s a pending battle on our hands we’re already gearing up for the challenge! A few tips to ease the anticipation.

1. Offer an extra toothbrush – it’s great how independent our children become and this shows in most parenting scenarios, giving over an extra brush for your child to hold and use themselves while you too attempt to brush their pearly whites gives them healthy control and distraction too.

2. Monkey see monkey do – let your child see you brushing your teeth, encourage them to brush while looking in the mirror, it’s both encouraging and provides opportunities to copy and learn!

3. Use teeth brushing phone app – you can’t go wrong with this one, a number of the popular brands provide a brushing app that has fun video images and music that your child can brush their teeth with.  It’s not only a distraction but it maintains a focus for your child too.


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