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Award-winning Parent Coach Aoife Lee reveals how to be the calm in the storm

As any parent will tell you, the whole art of parenting can be quite stressful and very testing on one's patience. This often results in anger - an emotion that doesn't need to be present.

Aoife is a mother-of-three, an accredited parent and life coach and is founder of Parent Support. She works with many corporate companies around Ireland, delivering parenting wellness talks to their teams.

Speaking on Dermot and Dave's #MindYourselfNow , Lee says; "the big stuff that impacts our lives as adults, has just as much of an affect on our kids; the difference is that that adult is able to make that connection between how they're feeling to what has happened"

She continues by expanding on these tips:

  • Stay one step ahead of your child's behaviour - try to understand your child's point of view
  • Remove yourself from the argument - not the child
  • Naming their feelings - validity can often diffuse a situation

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